Gas Prices Continue Rise, Putting Focus on Gas Cap Repeal

Kanoe Hansen
Kanoe Hansen
Katherine Huang
Katherine Huang

(KHNL) Attempts to control prices at the pump through a gas cap, some drivers say, simply haven't worked.

"Not when our prices are much higher over here than on the mainland," said Kanoe Hansen as she filled up at the Kahala Shell station.

"And I don't think our gas cap is working to the point where Hawaii is getting a fair deal."

With prices swinging from week to week, some hope Governor Lingle succeeds in repealing the cap during the coming legislative session.

"We all should be spending our time better than trying to figure out which day the prices are going up," said Bill Green, a consultant with Kahala Shell.

At $2.08 for regular unleaded, the cap is seven cents a gallon lower than when it took effect on September 1st.

That leads some drivers to believe it should stick around.

"I think it's a good idea. I think it helps us, the general public keep it down as much as possible," said Kahala Shell customer Katherine Huang.

Some drivers say the cap lets them know what to expect before they head to a gas station.

"It gives us on a weekly basis what's going to happen next week," Huang said. "And then we can just gear ourselves for it."