Michelle Wie Struggles at Sony Open

(KHNL)  As has been the case with many of the PGA tournaments Michelle Wie has played in, large galleries followed her every move.

Fans young and old, from all across the world, have gathered here for a glimpse of the 16-year-old pro golfing sensation.

Cristina Barro, a 10-year-old golfer, said Wie inspires her to be a better player.

"She's young and she can hit really far and she looks pretty good," said Barro.

But it's not just about the game. Wie inspires people from all walks of life.

"She's inspired me to believe that you can have goals, dreams and shoot for the stars," said Christian Yrizarry of the band, Ho'onu'a.

And she reaches fans all across the world.

"We're from Saskatchewan, Canada," said one couple.

This is the third straight year Wie has been in the Sony Open.

Since this local girl has played in the tournament, ticket sales have jumped 20-30%.

Wie continues to be a driving force in the popularity of the Sony Open.

"I think basically she's got a beautiful swing, she's a young person and has a lot of courage doing what she's doing," said Canadian visitor Dave McKeague.

Some of her fans are lucky enough to leave with a souvenir, along with some memories to last a lifetime.

She carded a 9-over-par 79 in the opening round, leaving her little hope of making the cut at the Waialae Country Club.