Governor Lingle Looks to Repeal Gas Cap

Governor Linda Lingle (R)
Governor Linda Lingle (R)
Senate Energy Chairman Kalani English (D)
Senate Energy Chairman Kalani English (D)

(KHNL)  Capping gas prices, Governor Linda Lingle says, is misguided.

"It makes an attempt, a good faith attempt to address the high price of gas, but our fundamental issue is our over dependence on oil," Lingle said.

Lingle wants to repeal Hawaii's gas cap law. Instead, she wants more public disclosure of oil company pricing information.

"We think we can take that data and basically educate hawaii's consumers as to what the fair price is for gasoline," said Ted Liu, State Business Director.

Democratic lawmakers are reluctant to dismiss the gas cap, saying it could co-exist with some of the governor's other proposals.

"What might happen is that we have a transparency measure along with the gas cap and a phase in or phase out, or we could simply have both measures going at the same time," said Sen. Kalani English, Senate Energy Chairman.

To develop alternatives to fossil fuels, the governor wants to create a $10 million fund to support hydrogen cell research.

"We want to refocus attention on a broad integrated comprehensive energy policy that will position Hawaii as leader of what we see as the future of energy in the world which is hydrogen," Lingle said.

The governor also wants power companies to encourage electricity use during non-peak hours by changing their pricing structure.

Lingle says this approach has cut peak energy use by as much as 23 percent in other states.