The candidates for various offices and the challengers are starting to come out in force, but still no announced challenger to our incumbent governor.  One potential candidate, former Honolulu police chief Lee Donohue, took his name out of contention earlier this week, acknowledging that he's a policeman and not a politician.  True enough, but somewhere, somehow someone who considers him- or herself a politician will invariably come forward to challenge.


Along with taking on a popular governor, this person will also represent the best hopes of a democratic party that has been the only real force in  Hawaii politics for 40-years. And based on the lack of senate and house gains by the republicans two years ago, there don't seem to be any coattails with the supposed local republican resurgence as of yet.


The race for offices in 2006 is just starting to get interesting, but there is at least one contestant still not in the gubernatorial starting blocks, and time really is getting short for this race when you consider the odds and money that this unnamed person or persons will be up against.  Think about it…