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January 11, 2006

Taxing Issues

A big issue being tossed around is the idea of tax relief for Honolulu homeowners.  It's getting to the point where you can't afford to move anywhere, and soon you won't be able to afford to live on your current property.  Everybody agrees that something must be done, and done now, which is rare in and of itself in Hawaii.


But what to do?  The city must continue to provide and perhaps upgrade services, and that costs money.  Of course, if everyone had to move out of Honolulu because housing and property prices were too high, then we wouldn't need as many services- no, no… I'm just kidding.  Handing money back to people and then finding out next year that some vital services have to be cut back is not an attractive option, nor is it very farsighted.  What park or service are you ready to do without?


So now the game at City Hall will be trying to make constituents happy about their property tax reality while at the same time meeting the needs of those very same constituents in providing some neighborhood extras along with life's essential services.  That's a tough call, and your feedback helps.  Think about it…

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