Security Redux

While it may not have made you totally comfortable, the longer lines at airport security at least made you know that somebody was doing a more thorough job of watching even the small items.  But now the Transportation Security Administration is changing its screening procedures to allow passengers to once again carry small scissors or screwdrivers on planes, thus supposedly allowing screeners more time to focus on searching for explosives through advanced detection techniques.


Why not simply allow the airlines to securely house a few pair of scissors or a couple of screwdrivers for those vital in-flight hair trims or computer repairs?  Of course, I've always been a bit leery of the always-allowed ball point pens, which could be weapons, but will this really make us safer when TSA relaxes the security for carry-on items in less than two weeks?  Apparently, security scanners are now going to be better-focused on passengers' intent and conduct more thorough pat-downs.


Well, if they are really that good at figuring out intent, maybe they should be psychiatrists or legal profilers.  I hope this all works, I hope this helps, and I hope no one ever minds the inconvenience of being searched, because it really is worth it, of course.  Think about it…