McClain Legacy

Since David McClain stepped in as "interim" UH President, his calming aura has permeated the Manoa mist.  McClain has brought some sanity back to a statewide system that had gotten too much notoriety for what was going on behind closed doors rather than inside the vaunted hallways of academia.


Mr. McClain will pursue other interests and opportunities- personal, professional, and community-based- rather than seek to be a candidate for the job of UH president.  It's too bad, because  Hawaii needs more people willing to step up, willing to leap into the line of fire to help make a tough situation better.  As a man of integrity with a worldly background, McClain has shown that he can understand and react to constituent sensibilities and concerns while at the same time deal with tough issues at a tough time as UH attempts to regain its positive public position.


While McClain has every right to do what's best for his family and what he perceives as the long-term interests of the University, the UH presidential search committee will be hard-pressed to find someone who's not only a class act, but who also has the vision and temperament necessary to run a huge entity that's constantly under the microscope from many sides- inside and outside of the campus, public and private.  Think about it…