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Ernest Keawe, Jr.

Ernest Keawe, Jr. Ernest Keawe, Jr.

Police describe Ernest Keawe, Jr. as a criminal with a violent history.


“Family violence is a big thing, and he is involved in domestic violence. And he has violated TRO's and we don't want it to escalate where there is going to be harm to anyone,” says Sgt. Kim Capllonch from Crimestoppers HPD.


HPD says Keawe has a long rap sheet.


“He has 31 priors and 19 convictions,” says Capllonch.


Take a look at the list -- his crimes span over the past five years.


In November of 2000 he was arrested for violating a restraining order.  One month later he was arrested for robbery.  A month after that, police were able to connect him to the scene of a burglary.


Among the stolen items was a television set.  Police tell us Keawe's fingerprints were found on the entertainment center where the television was sitting.


Then just two weeks later at the Makaha Surfside Apartments, another burglary took place.

Police tell us once again Keawe's fingerprints were recovered from the scene.  This time from a louver that was removed in order to break in.


Ernest Keawe, Jr.  has three felony contempt warrants and two domestic violence warrants totaling 170-thousand dollars.

Now police need your help in finding him.


Ernest Keawe, Jr. is 25 years old.

He's five feet ten inches tall.

He has black hair and brown eyes.

He is known to frequent the Kalihi, Pearl City, and Waianae areas.



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