After nearly 5 days of deliberation, murder trial ends in hung jury

After several days of deliberation, murder trial ends in hung jury

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Jurors couldn't reach a decision Friday in a murder case in which the gunman was accused of randomly shooting into a group outside a Waikiki bar.

On Friday afternoon, 20-year-old Jordan Smith was found not guilty of attempted murder in the case.

But the jury was hung on several other charges, including second-degree murder.

In a note to the judge, the jury foreman said the jury had been "vigorously deliberating" for nearly five days and looking at the evidence but couldn't reach a verdict. "No one is willing to compromise their beliefs to change their vote," the foreman said, in a note to the judge.

The case stems around last year's shooting at the Alley Cat Night Club in Waikiki, which left Maleko Remlinger dead and two others injured.

Witnesses recounted seeing a gunman pointing at the crowd and firing, but they couldn't positively identify the shooter.

A security guard did identify Smith as the gunman, but Smith's defense attorneys insisted that prosecutors had the wrong man.

Prosecutors are expected to seek another trial in the case.

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