Former Hawaii residents in Florence's path prepare, hope for the best

Former Hawaii residents in Florence's path prepare, hope for the best

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Florence continues to batter the Carolinas, with relentless winds and driving rain.

And on Friday morning Hawaii News Now spoke with two former Oahu residents who are there riding out the storm.

The two women are not in an evacuation zone but say they're taking the storm very seriously.

"Some areas are getting 15 inches of rain or more. Then you've got the storm surge," said Patricia Anderson, who lives over 100 miles from the coast.

As the gigantic storm crept ashore Friday, she was starting to feel its impacts.

"We have flickering power," said Anderson. "It will be really, really heavy rain and stormy and all the gutters are overflowing for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then it will back off."

After 29 years in Kailua, Anderson and her husband moved to North Carolina in 2004. She said her storm preps went beyond just securing her home and stocking up on food and water.

"Those of us who have ties to Hawaii we all try to grow plumeria, so we pull all of our precious plumeria plants off the deck," said Anderson.

About 25 miles east of Anderson, Kaimuki High School graduate Lani DeLaney says she's prepared too. She joked that she's stocked up on Spam and other essentials.

"I have a whole bunch of containers filled with water so I can make ice blocks in my freezer," said DeLaney. "We have these huge Rubbermaid containers that we filled with water and put them in the bathtub so we could at least take cup baths."

As the storm began to bare down on her home, she talked about its power and the damaged it's already caused.

"I know there are quite a few people who did not evacuate and then had to call 911 for emergency rescue," said DeLaney.

She says she prays no more lives are taken by the storm.

"You can prepare but there is really nothing you're going to do to stop it. You just have to trust that God is going to take care of it for you," said DeLaney.

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