Navy moves ships and submarines as Olivia nears the islands

9/11 4 p.m.: Olivia's impacts starting to be felt as tropical storm nears island chain

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The U.S. Navy is getting ready for Tropical Storm Olivia as it makes its way to the islands.

Most Navy ships and submarines have begun to "sortie," or move from Pearl Harbor to open seas, out of the path of the storm.

The move also prevents damage to piers because ships could be knocked against them in severe weather.

Some ships won't head out though, including those under maintenance. But they'll be secured with additional mooring and storm lines.

Units will remain at sea and positioned to help respond after the storm if necessary.

Hawaii-based Navy aircraft will also be secured in hangars or flown to other airfields.

Olivia is expected to move across the islands on Tuesday night through Wednesday morning as a tropical storm.

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