Preparedness fair held in advance of more possible severe weather

Preparedness fair held in advance of more possible severe weather

EWA BEACH, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - An annual event held Saturday afternoon educated the community on the importance of being prepared in light of another round of impending severe weather from Olivia.

The 8th annual Get Ready Ewa Beach Emergency Preparedness Fair took place at the Ewa Mahiko District Park.

The free event provided disaster readiness and awareness information to Oahu residents looking to prepare before the storm.

Those who attended got to visit a mock hurricane shelter and learn what it takes to prepare a 14-day emergency supply kit.

Officials say even if Olivia hits as a tropical storm and not a hurricane, the effects could be devastating.

"With (strong) winds your roof can still can blow no matter what if you are prepared or not. So with a tropical storm, you should be prepared for anything," Henrey Vanbeelen of the Dept. of Emergency Management said.

Officials are using previous storms as a reminder to the public of what can happen.

"Tropical Storm Darby went north of us but all that rain came down and hit us making the H-1 a flood zone. In April we had a rain storm, a lot of rain came tumbling down, so it could be any event. Even if it's a tropical storm, it could have a great impact on all of us," Crystal Vanbeelen, disaster preparedness officer with the Dept. of Emergency Management said.

Emergency Officials say you should have about a gallon of water per day. Half to drink and half for hygiene and bathroom use.

Another emergency preparedness fair is scheduled for October 20 in Manoa.

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