In court, witnesses recount details of fatal shooting outside club

In court, witnesses recount frightening details of a deadly shooting outside a Waikiki club

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Witnesses and victims to last year's shooting at the Alley Cat Night Club in Waikiki took the stand Wednesday to describe how the gunman randomly shot at bar customers.

Jordan Smith, 20, was charged in the murder of Maleko Remlinger of Keeau. Prosecutors also alleged that Smith shot Gerardo Arce of Waikiki in the arm and North Shore resident Adam Ordonez in the thigh.

"He pointed (the rifle) at me first and he went like this ... dat, dat, dat, dat, dat," said Ordonez, describing the gun shot sounds.

Arce said he still feels pains from his wounds.

"It nicked my artery and broke my wrist," Arce said. "I have a steel rod in my arm and nine screws and 17 stitches."

It happened too quickly for them to identify the shooter but former Alley Cat security guard Sale Wells is sure it was Jordan Smith. He identified Smith during an exchange with Deputy Prosecutor Chris Van Marter

Van Marter: "Is he in the courtroom right now?"

Sale Wells: "Yes sir."

Van Marter: "Can you point to him and describe what he's wearing?"

Wells: "He's sitting right there wearing the blue shirt."

But Smith's defenders insist that authorities have the wrong man and that the case is racially motivated.

During today's hearing, defense lawyers tried to poke holes in witnesses' testimony.

"Isn't it true you told the detectives that you weren't paying close attention to his appearance," Deputy Public Defender Steven Nichols asked Sale.

City prosecutors say the motive for the shooting was retaliation for a beating. But victims said they never met Smith and that the shooting appeared random.

Ordonez said he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

"It's a sketchy zone, it's a sketchy spot .I don't like being there," he said. "Everyone is just gross and like if you're up at four, you should be going home. Go home, like I should have (done)."

Smith's trial is expected to continue until Friday.

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