How to celebrate turning 100? This newly-minted centenarian jumped out of a plane

How do you celebrate turning 100? How about jumping out of a plane

MOKULEIA,OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - High above Mokuleia, there was a special birthday celebration for a man who just turned 100 years old.

Without a hint of fear in his face, Retired Army Master Sgt. Polito 'Paul' Olivas went skydiving to celebrate the milestone.

But to him, it was no big deal.

He spent 30 years jumping out of planes at Normandy, the Battle of the Bulge, and in Korea where he broke his foot.

"In the beginning we jumped 347, 346, flying box cars, a lot of chopper jumps," he said. "I've been very fortunate. A lot of friends, a lot of close calls, but God saved me for something."

Fast forward nearly seven decades and the non-profit Sea Inspiration and Sky Dive Hawaii gave him a birthday present for the ages: His first ever tandem jump. And it was a perfect landing before a waiting crowd of friends and cameras.

His friend, Retired Marine Colonel John Bates, says the world record age for skydiving is 102.

So Bates said to Olivas, "I want to make sure that you plan on your 103rd birthday that we're out here jumping again."

Olivas joked that he would work towards that golden 103 by staying healthy — and drinking Bud Light.

And he's definitely a man who deserves a toast.

He's a living legend in the exclusive triple digit age club. Before he moved to Hawaii in 1967, he logged more than 300 jumps.

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