Local Connection: Hawaii’s Little League World Champs

Local Connection: Hawaii's Little League World Champs

You don't have to be a sports fan to appreciate what Honolulu's little league team did for the entire state of Hawaii this weekend.

When much of the state was either drying out from a massive storm, or recovering from days of worry about eminent destruction, the middle school team showed the world true aloha spirit.

These kids are middle-schoolers. That awkward age where emotions boil over and most kids coordination is just catching up with their growth. That makes the Honolulu team's poise under pressure even more impressive.

These young men were great ambassadors for our state, not only playing nearly error-free baseball, but doing so with joy, caring for each other and respect for those they defeated. It reminds us that the primary purpose of youth sports is to build character.

After each victory, Manager Gerald Oda calmed and counseled the ecstatic boys to remember an island value -- be humble.

That will be difficult this week as the team becomes the toast of the town.

They deserve the praise and also our gratitude, for reminding us of the joy that comes from a game well-played, with great sportsmanship and lifting the spirits of a state right when we needed it.

Thanks, boys, great job.

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