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Scam Alert: Kauai police warn residents of sextortion email scheme

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KAUAI (Hawaii News Now) -

Kauai police are alerting the public about an email sextortion scam that seems to be going around the Aloha State.

In an email, a scammer is claiming to have sensitive and compromising video of the recipient, that they got after hacking their computer and web camera.

The scammer is then threatening to release the alleged videos unless a payment is made immediately to a Bitcoin wallet address.

KPD suggest that residents use the following tips to avoid becoming a victim of an online scam:

  • Do not open suspicious emails, click on suspicious links, or post sensitive information online.
  • Never provide usernames, passwords and/or personal information to any unsolicited request.
  • Check your bank, credit card and phone statements regularly. If you see an unknown or unauthorized charge, immediately notify your bank or service provider. 
  • Upon receiving a hoax email, reset your password

“If you receive this type of extortion email, do not respond to the sender. These claims are false, and you should never engage with a suspected scam artist,” said Acting Deputy Chief Rob Gausepohl, in a statement.

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