New report puts Honolulu near bottom of list for most 'nice days'

New report puts Honolulu near bottom of list for most 'nice days'

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Normally, Hawaii, known as paradise for most, would rank pretty high on a list of states for the best weather. But not in a recent report by the Washington Post.

The Post published a report Tuesday that looked at which U.S. cities have the most and fewest "nice days" each years. It found that Honolulu ranked second to the last with 31 nice days. It came just above Anchorage, Alaska with 20 nice days.

But how could that be?

The Post defines "nice days" as days with the following criteria: high temperature between 65 and 85 degrees; maximum dew point temperature less than or equal to 65 degrees; peak daily wind less than 25 mph; average daily cloud cover less than or equal to 65 percent; and no snow or wind.

The Post said Hawaii dropped way down the list because of the humidity and wind criteria.

It found that Long Beach, Calif. topped the list with 210 nice days per year, followed by Los Angeles, Calif. with 182 nice days per year. In fact, several Southern California and Central Valley cities ranked near the top of the list.

Other high-scoring cities included Phoenix, Ariz. and Tacoma, Wash.

The Post used data from 1998 and 2018 from automated weather stations, and all of the cities on the list needed to have a population of at least 125,000.

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