Man allegedly attacks 5-year-old neighbor because he looked at him funny

KALIHI (HawaiiNewsNow) - A 27-year-old Kalihi man is out on bail after witnesses say he brutally attacked his 5-year-old neighbor.

The reason? Neighbors say Dustin Fabro thought the child was looking at him funny.

It happened around dinner time Tuesday in the front yard of the boy's Kalihi home.

The child's mother, Adreanna Barron, said Fabro was considered a family friend.

Barron said she and her husband were cleaning out the garage while Fabro and her son played just a few feet away. The suspect had been with the boy about an hour when all of sudden Barron heard screaming.

"I thought he got hit by a car," said Barron. "There were some eyewitnesses and they were like, 'Do you know what he did to your son? Do you know what he did to your son?' And they were motioning that he was repeatedly kicking Nico in the head."

Doctors placed eight staples in little Nico's head and diagnosed the boy with a concussion.

Meantime, Fabro was charged with a misdemeanor and released on a $100 bail.

This isn't the first time Fabro has been in trouble. Published reports from 2009 show he attacked a staff member at a California head trauma rehabilitation center. California news reports said Fabro had been involved in a moped accident a few years earlier.

That hospital worker suffered broken facial bones, cracked ribs, a collapsed lung and bleeding to the brain.

Barron said she had no idea about Fabro's violent past. She says she doesn't believe jail is the right place for him but says he does need psychiatric help.

And she fears if he doesn't get it, this could happen again.

"Just for the safety of other kids, for him to be triggered and snap just by being looked at the wrong way from a baby," she said. "There's kids that walk by all the time and my whole intent is that this never happens to anyone every again. And it will if this doesn't get taken care of."

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