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Jury sides with a Maui couple in disability discrimination lawsuit

(Image: Raycom/file) (Image: Raycom/file)

WAILUKU, Hawaii (AP) - A jury has sided with a Maui couple in a $1.9 million disability discrimination lawsuit against their condo association which fined them thousands of dollars for uncarpeted floors and attempted to sell their unit in foreclosure.

Lawyer Eric Ferrer, who represented Greg and Michele White, said Wednesday that the Villas at Kenolio Association of Apartment Owners fined the couple $200 a day for a period of two years for the floors.

The condo board says the wooden floors in the couple's unit violated the community's rules.

The couple says the floors help Greg White navigate through the home. He is blind in his left eye and visually impaired in his right eye.

The couple explained that to the board, but the board denied their request for an exception.

The board declined to comment.

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