Sisters behind simple (and ingenious) solution to thieves at the beach

Sisters behind simple (and ingenious) solution to thieves at the beach

NORTH SHORE, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - It happens all too often. You're enjoying a swim when somebody steals the wallet or car keys you left on shore.

"There is still more aloha on the island than as not. But if you're the one who got your stuff stolen that day, that's not the impression you're leaving with," North Shore resident Doreen Spinney said.

She and her sister, Sharon Frances Stone, came up with a simple idea to combat that crime.

They outfitted a trailer with 90 lockers big enough to hold backpacks. Beachgoers can rent them for various lengths of time to store their belongings.

Their brand new business is called Beach Box Lockers.

At Shark's Cove, Jim Plant spent $7 to secure his stuff for four hours.

"I'm not having to worry about it. I'm not having to look at my stuff. I'm having fun in the water," he said.

For added security, customers set their own combinations so they alone can access their locker.

"The fact that it's lockers for rent is a really good idea. These days, it's not safe anymore," Amy Brandt said.

She was walking past the trailer when the set-up caught her eye.

Customers can also opt to rent space for up to 8 hours at $10. Any longer than that will cost you $12. The peace of mind it buys is priceless.

"It's always been a problem when you go to the beach and stuff gets stolen," Spinney said.

Sales are through credit cards only. There are no cash transactions and the sisters stand guard.

They see a lot of room to grow their company.

"We have plans to expand fairly quickly. We have other trucks and vehicles in the works as we speak," Stone said.

The business is licensed with permits to operate a mobile enterprise.

Stone knows it will take a while to catch on, but there are no shortage of compliments.

"They're just, 'Wow! Brilliant. Genius. Great idea. Why didn't we think of this?'" she said.

For it's debut, Beach Box Lockers chose Shark's Cove, but the trailer will eventually travel to other sites.

"We're happy to go anywhere there's a need," Spinney said.

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