Ewa Beach man hires cleaning crew after he was seen pouring oily liquid into storm drain

Man takes ownership after video of illegal dumping in storm drain sparks outrage

EWA BEACH, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A man who was called out by Ewa Beach residents on social media for dumping an unidentified substance into a residential storm drain has cleaned up his mess.

Footage of the man dumping what appears to be used cooking oil into a storm drain in Ewa Beach sparked outrage on social media on Friday, prompting many community members to call for action.

On Saturday, the man responsible for the dumped grease hired a crew to clean out the storm drain.

According to Ewa Beach neighborhood board member Kurt Fevella, the man said he put dirty water into the drain and was sorry for his actions.

During the cleanup, hired help, and others observing, noticed a strong odor of cooking oil.

Dumping any substance other than rain water into a storm drain is illegal.

Carroll Cox, an environmentalist with Envirowatch, a nonprofit environmental organization, said it appeared it wasn't the first time illegal dumping had happened at the spot.

"It was quite putrid and substantially saturated the oil, so if it was just a one time event ... it wouldn't have been that saturated," Cox said.

"Very oily, dirty-looking water and grease was being dumped in the drain," Cox said. "He's taking ownership for what he had done wrong and he apologizes."

City officials are now investigating the incident.

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