Oahu volunteer group pitches in to clean up Honolulu park

Oahu volunteer group pitches in to clean up Honolulu park

KALIHI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Dozens of volunteers pitched in to clean up Aala Park on Saturday afternoon in an effort to help homeless families in downtown Honolulu.

The clean up was done in support of Parents and Children Together and their preschool program that helps homeless families, as well as families in transition, in the park.

Parents and Children Together, also known as PACT, gathers volunteers for quarterly cleanups on the first Saturday of the month.

"Today we picked up some needles, some pipes ... cigarette butts, and bottle caps," said Kim Golis-Robello, a PACT cleanup volunteer.

Volunteers also removed graffiti, repainted a playground and cleaned up litter, among other things.

"The city ... polices and cleans the park almost everyday, but our efforts with PACT is supplemental to that and it gets down to stuff the city has a tough time taking care of," said Sen. Karl Rhoads, who participated in the cleanup.

"(The city's) resources are stretched and when regular citizens come and help out, that's very, helpful," Rhoads said.

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