Local Connection: Puna Volunteers Build Shelters

Local Connection: Puna Volunteers Build Shelters

The first new emergency housing of 20 micro-houses has been built in Pahoa for evacuated elderly residents and families. It's an inspiring story.

When our reporter first visited the site near Sacred Heart Church on June 6th, the first of many volunteer construction crews were just clearing the land.

She asked what the name of the project was and the organizers told her they were so busy building the little village – they hadn't had time to come up with a name.

What a great example of putting the important thing first: Getting people housed.

Once again, it was the inspiration and ingenuity of a community asking themselves what they could do – and getting it done. The houses are being occupied as we speak.

It's no surprise that government had absolutely nothing to do with this other than to waive permit inspections and get out of the way.

We understand that similar projects are popping up elsewhere in Puna now that it is clear so many people will never return to their homes.

Oh yeah, and they did eventually give it a name. It's called "Sacred Heart Shelter" because heart, is what it's all about.

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