Local Connection: North Korea and Hawaii

Local Connection: North Korea and Hawaii

The North Korean summit is clearly very important to Hawaii in many ways.

Not the least of which is a little bit of relief after months of tension and frightening rhetoric punctuated by the false missile alert that terrified thousands.

Whether you agree with how the two leaders got to this point – by exchanging threats and escalating fears– the meeting was historic.

We shouldn't get too far ahead of ourselves with high hopes because there is so much left to work out between two leaders who are known for temperamental behavior.. to say the least.

But Hawaii and especially our large Korean community would benefit directly if the state of war between North and South Korea comes to an end. Hopefully, U.S. troops can be safely withdrawn and if families have been separated, they can be reunited.

The idea that President Trump might accomplish something good for Hawaii has divided the local delegation.

Senator Brian Schatz blasted the President for being too nice to a man who by all accounts is one of the world's most brutal tyrants…and making too many concessions.

But Representative Tulsi Gabbard noted the historic nature of the summit and urged continuing talks.

At least we should be able to agree on one thing: Where we are now is better than where we were when we thought a missile might be on the way.

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