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SmartMoney Monday: Back to school spending

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It's getting close, and back to school is an exciting time, but it can also be an expensive one, which also means back to spending time for mom and dad.  Americans will spend approximately $75 billion this year shopping for back to school items. So what can parents do to get their kids ready without breaking the bank?

A great way to think about going to back to school is for parents to go back to basics by setting a budget for the whole year and trying to live within that budget. Take a good look at what you still have from last school year. Not everything needs to be brand new, so see what can be re-used. For example, you can buy used textbooks or download digital textbooks.

Then, shop around. Brick and mortar retailers can be great, especially places that sell office supplies. So can discount retailers and online retailers. And look for coupons and discounts. A little extra time looking can save a lot! Also, stick to the list that the school provides. Don't waste time and money on unlisted items. Extra supplies, while they may be cute, will probably never get used.

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