Warriors take road trip to Schofield Barracks, learn the importance of teamwork

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - For the third year in a row, the Rainbow Warriors went on a road trip to Schofield Barracks to not just train like the brave men and women who defend their country, but to also understand the importance of teamwork and unity.

"It's been an incredible experience for our players," said head coach Nick Rolovich. "Maybe to develop leadership, maybe to get out of campus, get somewhere new together, like a field trip, but the most important thing that they get out of this is understanding how much these soldiers sacrifice. When they're sitting there on their phones, typing away on social media, There's people out there that are protecting that right and that ability to be comfortable."

While Rolovich's message was an important one, the team didn't take the opportunity to go through the army's obstacle course for granted - especially Max Hendrie, who finished with the best obstacle course time among the defense.

"We still got the offense to go, I know there's a few quick kids on that. But you know, that's the awesome thing about being apart of a team. Not only do we work together, competition breeds success," Hendrie said. "So competing with one another when you're within a team, is another way to be successful and stuff."

It's easy to take things for granted in everyday life, such as the game of football. Rolovich didn't want his players to forget the sacrifices that others have to make to ensure that his players don't have to.

"I think it's a reality check, understanding, hearing some of the stories, seeing where a lot of these soldiers are from, and there's a lot of them the same age as them." he said. "So I'm glad we get to at least expose our guys to that kind of stuff."

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