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Movie Review: OCEAN'S 8

      Hollywood summer movies are about light hearted fun. If that’s what you’re looking for check out the new caper film, OCEAN’S 8, which features a cast of eight talented women in a clever plot about stealing an expensive necklace during a gala fundraising dinner for New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

     The movie is smart, clever, funny and full of nifty surprises from beginning to end. And the stylish actresses appear to be enjoying their roles as notorious thieves.

Voice of parole officer: Good afternoon, Miss Ocean. As you know, parole is a privilege. 

Debbie Ocean: It was a mistake….but it happened. And if I were to be released, I would um, I would just want the simple life, I just wanna hold onto a job, make some friends, pay my bills.

        Sandra Bullock is Debbie Ocean, the mastermind for the elaborate heist. Her first task is putting together a team, each of whom has a helpful skill.

      Cate Blanchette plays Debbie’s old partner, Lou.

      Mindy Kaling knows how re-purpose jewelry.

       Sarah Paulson plays a housewife and mother who used to be a fence.

       Rihanna is an accomplished hacker named 9 Ball.

        Helena Bonham Carter is a fashion designer.

        And Awkwafina can pick anyone’s pocket.

       Debbie explains just how the crime with work at that annual gala.

Debbie: And we are going to rob it, not the ball itself, the neck of Daphne Kruger. Valued at over a hundred million dollars.

Hathaway: 150 million, actually.

Debbie: 16.5 million dollars in each of your bank accounts 5 weeks from now.

Mindy: That’s a lot. 

How long did it take you to figure all this out?

Debbie: Five years, 8 months and 12 days.

Mindy (looking at slides of the previous year's Met gala): Can’t we just go to this? Do we have to steal stuff?

The group as one: Yes!

       By the time  the big night arrives, all the women are prepared to work around one of the world’s most sophisticated security systems.

8 Ball: OK, everybody, let’s get started. Here we go.Counting down 3, 2 1

Game on!

        OCEAN’S 8 is pure escapism. If you go, be prepared to suspend your disbelief and just have a good time.

          Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.


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