Confusion escalates over ticket sales to Mars' second concert

The line snaked around Aloha Stadium Friday as eager fans wait for tickets to go on sale Saturday. (Image: Hawaii News Now)
The line snaked around Aloha Stadium Friday as eager fans wait for tickets to go on sale Saturday. (Image: Hawaii News Now)

HALAWA (HawaiiNewsNow) - There's more confusion, anger and anxiety over ticket sales for Bruno Mars' second concert.

Ticket sales were expected to begin at 10 a.m. Saturday for his Nov. 11 show. But an hour before the official sale start time, viewers called Hawaii News Now claiming third party ticket sales websites were already selling tickets.

Adding to the confusion, Hawaii News Now called the Ticketmaster box office and we were able to speak to a sales representative.

According to the representative, ticket sales began at 9 a.m. Saturday — an hour before they were expected to start. The going price: $200 for the least expensive seats.

"As far as I know, that was like a VIP inventory that was not available to us here," Aloha Stadium's Sales and Marketing Specialist Samantha Spain said. "So everyone's going to open at 10 'o clock, same time."

Spain emphasized that she cannot speak on behalf of Ticketmaster as to why ticket sales over the phone were taking place prior to 10 a.m.

We've reached out to ticket sales officials for additional clarification and are waiting to hear back.

"I think there's a lot of people talking out there saying a lot of different things. We've always said there's no guarantee if you are (at the stadium)," Spain added.

Like the first concert, 36,000 seats were up for sale the second time around.

After waiting for days in line, lucky fans were ecstatic when they finally got their hands on their tickets.

"It's my grandson's first concert, we got section AAA, row 14 — He's going to be stoked!" Patti Soares said after she landed tickets for her grandson. "Grandma went through a lot for him, but we got it."

Click here for photos of the long line at Aloha Stadium.

But a day earlier, the battle for Bruno Mars tickets wasn't so cheerful.

When fans were let in to Aloha Stadium property Friday morning, police were on scene to maintain order.

"If you just arrived and you're trying to push your way to the front, we respectfully ask that you go to the back of the line, people are here. Thank you," one stadium employee announced over a megaphone.

Crowds started lining up along Salt Lake Boulevard as early as Tuesday to ensure they were first in line. At 7:45 a.m. Friday, the gates were opened.

From the line on the street, fans were directed to another line where they waited overnight.

"Just getting into the stadium was hard because lot of people were pushing and shoving. And just having to keep on moving and people were arguing that they were too close together and smooshed together in line," Kapolei resident Aukai Schenk said.

Some fans complained that they lost their place in line when stadium officials moved them several times to make more room for more fans.

"They need to keep track of who's in the line because you know, not to say that everybody's not going to be honest, but if they're gonna let people do whatever, they're gonna go. They want those tickets just like we do, right?" Wahiawa resident Laura Huff said.

Some videos that surfaced online even showed shouting matches between ticked off fans and stadium staff.

"At one point, there may have been — guessing — couple hundred people in front of us. Looks like a lot more than a couple hundred now," Rob Vasquez of Ewa Beach said.

By 10 a.m. Friday, the line hit capacity with up to 750 people and anyone not in line by then was turned away.

"You know, being in here, 24 hours, it's not a guarantee. So I think stay home at your comfort was our thought," Spain said on Friday.

But for some dedicated fans, they're willing to ride it out till the end; Fans like Malcolm Ahlo who has been in line since Tuesday.

And if he gets a ticket, he won't even be using it. He's camping out in line all to make his wife happy.

"I not going even come. She going come, I not going come," Ahlo said. "For her, I'm retired, she works, so I stay here all day."

"I was here Tuesday at 5 o'clock so I tired already. I like sleep good, almost there. One more day. I'm outta here!" he added.

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