Movie Review: BOOK CLUB

Movie Review: BOOK CLUB

Four Hollywood actresses who range in age from 65 to 80 star in the romantic comedy called BOOK CLUB.

And their performances are the main reason to see the movie.

Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen,  Diane Keaton, and Mary Steenburgen have all starred in movies for almost half a century.

And people who've been watching them over the years are likely to enjoy seeing them in BOOK CLUB.

Because even though their bodies have aged, these performers  have not lost their acting skills.

Fonda as Vivian:  I would like to introduce you to Christian Grey.

Keaton as Diane: Oh

Bergen as Sharon: Oh, no.

The four friends have been discursivessing a different book every month for decades but when Jane Fonda as the never married Vivian presents them with 50 SHADES OF GREY, the popular erotic novel, at first, they object.

Sharon: To even be holding this book is embarrassing.

Vivian: Who's judging you, your cat?

Candice Bergen is the divorced Sharon. Diane Keaton is the widow, Diane. And Mary Steenburgen is a frustrated wife named Carol.

Of the four, only Vivian is still sexually active, and she's determined to influence her three friends.

Diane: Who still has any interest?

Vivian: I am not gonna let us become those people.

Diane: What people are you talking about?

Vivian: You know what people. The people who stop living before they stop living.

Sharon: I haven't had sex since my divorce and it's been the happiest 18 years of my life.

(They all laugh.)

Sharon: If women are age were meant to have sex, God wouldn't do what he does to our bodies.

Vivian: Speak for yourself. (she points to her large breasts)

Sharon: Well that was not God, that was Dr. Nizario.

All four of the women begin to explore their possibilities. Carol tries to seduce her husband. Diane responds to a man she meets on a plane. Vivian meets an old flame she rejected 40 years before. And Sharon looks for someone online.

Clerk (interrupting Sharon online): Judge Meyers?

Sharon: Yes.

Computer voice: Warm up your love life with these tips.

Clerk:  Do you need anything else, your honor?

Awkward situations and fumbling embarrassments abound, but everything that happens is good natured fun and not explicit enough to offend anyone.

BOOK CLUB may be nothing more than entertaining fluff, but I'm not complaining.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.