A known CA gang member may be on the run in Hawaii after a Kailua shooting

This wanted poster has been issued for Francisco Casillas' arrest. (Image: Pomona Police Department)
This wanted poster has been issued for Francisco Casillas' arrest. (Image: Pomona Police Department)

ENCHANTED LAKE, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A fugitive accused of opening fire at a Kailua man multiple times right outside his home Monday night is still on the run.

Aaron Chow, 39, is in the hospital recovering from injuries to his head and leg. He has five staples in his head and a shattered femur.

His loved ones are grateful he is going to survive, but fear for the public's safety with the shooter still on the loose. They hope tips from the community will lead to an arrest.

"I got a phone call that he had gotten shot. I didn't know the severity of it. But we found out it was a good friend of ours, Frankie," said Aubrey Brock, the mother of Chow's child.

Police sources say Francisco Casillas is the alleged gunman.

Brock says it began as an argument at Chow's home off Keolu Drive in Enchanted Lake. She says the fight was not about drugs or a woman, but says after the argument, Casillas grabbed a gun from his vehicle and fired three times.

She said the first bullet was in the air, the other hit Chow's leg, and a third shot went straight at his head. Brock says Chow moved just in time for the bullet to only graze his scalp.

Casillas has a dark side no one knew about, according to Brock.

"It's disturbing knowing that Frankie is still out there and this is somebody we trusted, this is somebody who's been at our house, our homes," Brock said.

Homicide detectives with the Pomona Police Department in California have been looking for Casillas since 2015. They say he is a known gang member and wanted for three counts of attempted murder after a shooting in Pomona in 2012.

Casillas has a tattoo of Pomona on his abdomen and a dragon tattoo on his right arm.

They say he frequents California, Colorado and Hawaii and may be using an alias.

Brock begging for the public's help in finding him out of safety for their families and the community.

"It's other people that might get hurt. It's everybody. We just are asking the community to help give any information on Frankie," said Brock. "I honestly deep down think that he's somewhere and feels bad about it and I'm hoping that if he sees us, and he sees me, and he hears this, that he'll want to do what's right and turn himself in."

If you know have any tips for police, call CrimeStoppers at 955-8300.

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