Vog is staying south of Oahu for now, but could get bad

Vog is staying south of Oahu for now, but could get bad
Volcano emission model from VMAP

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Officials from the National Weather Service say that vog, volcanic smog, from the Big Island is just south of Oahu.

For now, it's staying put. But they say it could be a pretty bad, voggy day if it comes any closer.

"It depends on how weak the trade winds get, whether or not we'll get into it." said Robert Ballard, Science and Operations Officer with National Weather Service Honolulu.

It is unclear if the vog plume will move north to Oahu and other islands. As of Thursday morning, unrestricted visibility was reported in Honolulu.

For the most part, trade winds near Oahu has worked in its favor protecting it from the volcanic haze.

However, Robert Ballard says the incoming vog could be harsher than your common hazy day, and that's because Kilauea is pumping out a lot of it.

"It could be much worse than what people are used to," Ballard said.

Experts encourage individuals with respiratory conditions and asthma to have medication handy if the plume ever hits the island. Stay hydrating and indoors can help symptoms relating to vog.

For those sensitive to the volcanic smog, strenuous outdoor exercise should be reconsidered. In some cases, other areas of the island may see less vog than others.

For now, the National Weather Service expects most of the vog to stay south of the other islands.

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