US Army celebrates 243 years: Sgt. Sherilyn Shimmin

US Army celebrates 243 years: Sgt. Sherilyn Shimmin

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The United States Army will celebrate a birthday this week: 243 years of selfless service to our nation.

In Hawaii, the Army has been around for well over a century, cultivating relationships with the people of this state.

Nothing says more about a person than giving back to the community, and this week we've been showcasing soldiers who do exactly that.

My name is Sherilyn Shimmin. My job on a daily basis, I work with computers and process information.

My job actually allows me to work with outside agencies and then volunteer with to make them blankets.

I have done a little baking on the side for groups that need volunteers as well.

The process for making the blankets, we normally -- either the fabric is donated or we purchase it.

There is a group of us that we normally get together, and make the blankets whether they're quilted or just flannel or whatever type of material. But we make the blankets, and then eventually they're all collected and given to a coordinator, and she distributes them to different places around the island.

I've given back to the community. It makes me feel humble because I'm able to give back to people that are not as fortunate enough to have the things that I have, and some are in situations where they may be sick or may be in foster care type thing, and they might not even feel like that they have anybody that cares for them.

So just to be able to give back to them is something where they feel like somebody cares about them. So it's people who's gonna get small groups together to make them.

There are different that ways we can find to help them if that's what they want to do. They also can donate material to the other groups that can make them as well.

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