Forecast: Enjoy the trades before they slow down

Forecast: Enjoy the trades before they slow down

The east-northeast winds are light this morning, but should strengthen this afternoon to 15-20 mph.

Showers are a little more frequent compared to yesterday, but still falling mainly windward and mauka. Sunny skies will warm Honolulu to 87 degrees this afternoon.

It's going to feel like summer today.

Moderate trade winds over the islands will slowly ease in the next few days as a series of mid latitude frontal systems passing far northwest of the islands will nudge a surface ridge toward the state.

Clouds and showers will still favor windward and mauka locations, though interior and lee sections of the islands may see more clouds and showers during the afternoon as the light trade wind and sea breeze weather pattern takes hold.

Small waves today, but both town and country shores have small swells in the forecast for Thursday.

A larger south swell is expected late Friday and could be big enough to trigger an advisory.

Waves today will be 2-5 feet east, 1-3 feet south, 3 feet or less north, 2 feet or less west.

Special weather statement for Kau District and communities along Highway 11 southwest of Volcano Town. Trace ashfall and Pele's hair (volcanic glass) possible.

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