Expensive Hawaii hotel stays could soon cost even more

Expensive Hawaii hotel stays could soon cost even more
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HONOLULU (AP) - A report shows Hawaii visitors already pay the highest rate in the nation for a hotel room.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports that rate could soon increase after state lawmakers passed a bill that could apply transient accommodations tax to virtually any lodging business transaction.

A Hawaii Hotel Performance Report released by the Hawaii Tourism Authority last month says visitors paid an average of nearly $293 per night to stay in a Hawaii hotel during the first quarter, the most in the country.

Based on that figure, they also paid roughly $30.45 a night for the transient accommodations tax, currently 10.25 percent of the room charge.

The Star-Advertiser says if the bill becomes law, hotel, resort and timeshare visitors would automatically pay at least another $2 to $8 per night and potentially more.

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