Thick vog on Big Island prompts health warnings

Thick vog on Big Island prompts health warnings
Lava cascading into the ocean is creating plumes of laze, volcanic haze and shards of glass. (Image: USGS)

PUNA, BIG ISLAND (HawaiiNewsNow) - Thirty billion gallons.

That's the volume of lava that's spewed out of the ground since eruptions on the Big Island started May 3.

And slower tradewinds Friday meant high levels of vog and sulfur dioxide in the Saddle Road area.

Hawaii County Civil Defense warned that visibility on the roadway is poor.

Meanwhile, interior and southern areas of the Big Island are expected to have increased levels of vog on Friday night.

Officials are urging residents to:

  • Limit outside activities and stay indoors if you have breathing issues.
  • Stay alert and be ready to leave if conditions change.
  • Remember that N-95 masks don't protect against gas, only ash or vog particulate.
  • Head to the EPA's air monitoring site for real-time data on conditions.

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