Amy Laurel Hegy: 'It's humbling for me to assist people on the worst day of their life'

HAWAII (HawaiiNewsNow) - Amy Laurel Hegy is a volunteer public information officer for the American Red Cross. She's helping people who were evacuated from the lava at a shelter in the Pahoa Community Center.

But Hegy is no stranger to the fire and heat that the evacuees are experiencing.

In 2003, she was injured by the wildfires in San Diego. The American Red Cross was the one that came out to help.

"So when I was better, since Katrina, I've been going out and trying to pay it forward," Hegy said.

Now she's on the Big Island, assisting those who are relying on evacuation shelters for a place to live as the devastation from the lava carries on.

Two visitors that stick out in Hegy's mind were a married couple. One of them graduated with three degrees while she was in the shelter. She also got very ill and needed to be hospitalized as part of ongoing cancer treatment.

When she was discharged, Hegy said, she wanted to come back to the shelter — her new family.

"I'm honored that shelter has become that for her," Hegy said. "We're doing something right."

She added: "It's always humbling for me to assist these people on the worst day of their life."

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