Newlyweds watch and wait as lava threatens the home they built together

PUNA, HAWAII (HawaiiNewsNow) - As Pele continues her march through lower Puna all evacuees can do is wait. For those with homes, still standing the anxiety can be crippling.

"We've lost all sense of purpose," said Kapoho resident Dana Twillman. "Our whole purpose was this farm. Our home and our markets. And that's all gone right now."

For the past year, newlyweds Jason and Dana Twillman have put every paycheck into building their home.

On May 30, lava began to devour the land off Highway 132 and Noni Farms Road. Now, with lava just a couple hundred feet, from their door they say the watching and waiting is almost unbearable.

"I haven't slept in six days," said Jason Twillman. "It's been a blur. It feels like a year has gone by already."

Aerial photos shows lava from fissure no. 8 surrounding their home.

"Sometimes you just want to jump in a hole and get covered over," Twillman said. "I told Dana the other day I just want our house to be gone. I just want it to be taken so we can move on."

Over the past few days, the Twillmans moved most of their belongings out and are now staying with friends. But Jason Twillman keeps returning to see if the home he built is still standing and to give his neighbors updates on their properties.

"You look at your friends — not just one of your friends — all of your friends, they've lost everything," said Dana Twillman. "There's not enough places for people to go. There's not proper accommodations at the shelters. People are lost."

Added her husband: "It's not like other natural disasters that just takes your home and you can rebuild from the ashes or the dirt. Our farm is buried under 30 feet of lava."

Right now, the Twillmans aren't certain what's in their future. But they say their faith helps them trust things will work out.

"If his will is to take our home then I know he's got a better place for us and he's going to move us in that direction," said Jason Twillman.

A Cheerful Giver account has been created on behalf of the Twillmans. To donate, click here.

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