Business Report: What's really happening to tourism after the floods and the lava

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Arrivals by air are calculated by state economists based on the mandatory agriculture forms. That's a larger sample size than most polls. And the data show significantly more people flying here this spring than last. But to double check, I took a look at daily arrivals counts going back several weeks, broken down by island.

Fri.: 2,552 (2,142) +19%
Sat.: 2,887 (2,472) +17%
Sun.: 2,740 (2,330) +18%

Fri.: 2,533 (2,088) +21%
Sat.: 2,663 (2,240) +19%
Sun.: 2,790 (2,343) +19%

This clearly shows that if businesses are hurting it's mostly because of changes to vacation patterns, not canceling vacations outright. 
NCL port calls, for example, or Kona-side visitors who decide to forgo their usual day trip to Hilo-side.

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