She's been teaching for 55 years — and she has no plans to retire

KAHUKU, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Cecile Oshima loves teaching so much she's been doing it for 55 years.

Her classroom is the school library, where she meshes lessons in English, research, writing and performance.

"I wanted to be a jack of all trades. I didn't just want to do social studies or science," she said.

The DOE requires school librarians to be licensed teachers. Over the years Oshima has touched the educational lives of thousands of students

"No matter the time and period you always have a whole batch of good kids," she said.

She graduated from Leilehua High School in 1955 then UH. She landed her first public school job in 1960 and has been Kahuku High & Intermediate School's librarian-teacher since 1966.

"The beauty of being here so long is that you see how education has changed, how society has changed, how parenting has changed," she said.

As librarian, she guides students through Shakespeare and encourages them to memorize poetry.

"She's always helped with the English literature project. It's fulfilling to have such a reliable librarian to come to," student Kollin Macanas said.

Oshima is popular for her off-the-wall antics. She dons costumes at assemblies and dresses up for Halloween. She's done it for decades.

"I've been a tourist, a witch, a cowboy," she said. "It's getting harder. I have to think, 'What can I be this year.'"

Oshima has a method to her madness. She uses every advantage to encourage students to visit her library where she shows them how to research topics using encyclopedias and other old-school resources.

"Nowadays they're more technology oriented, whereas I still feel there is a value to a book," she said.

Oshima, 80, is the state's longest-serving public school educator.

She fell in the love with the Kahuku community and has no immediate plans to retire.

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