Sunrise: How Was Your Weekend?

Grace Lee mentioned that she had a hot date on Saturday night. Icy hot. She has been dealing with major neck pain from sleeping wrong.
She says "It's been a week and a half, so I pulled out the big guns with both icy hot cream and a patch. And since my mobility was limited...I didn't do a whole lot."

She stayed in to read "Code Girls: The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers of World War II." by Liza Mundy. According to the author, most of the information has been classified for decades. But these brave and intelligent women from all over the country uprooted their lives to try and break what were the toughest codes to date...without getting any recognition. Because of their work, some say they helped to turn the tide of the war on both fronts.

Lacy Deniz helped to emcee the 2018 Special Olympics Hawaii Summer Games opening ceremonies at the University of Hawaii-Manoa Campus

Howard Dicus told of his Saturday's edition of "Howard's Day Off" was the last show of May.  Howard said "so I spent a couple lovely hours polishing the June programs, like this one devoted entirely to the American composer Howard Hanson. Bernadette and I spent a nice relaxing weekend and she made the beat pork adobo I ever ate."

Billy V went over to Hawaii island first flight Saturday morning; it was the first time I couldn't make out Hualalai mountain from the airport.  Vog was bad on Saturday.
Congratulations to Konawaena High School Class of 2018; he emceed his alma mater's graduation then flew back midday to attend Mid-Pacific's graduation and emcee Project Graduation right afterwards.

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