A 5,100-mile swim across the Pacific? One man is about to give it a try

A 5,100-mile swim across the Pacific? One man is about to give it a try

TOKYO, JAPAN (HawaiiNewsNow) - An unprecedented expedition will soon begin as a Frenchman turned Texan tries to becomes the first person ever to swim across the Pacific Ocean.

Ben Lecomte will set out on an over 5,100-mile journey from Tokyo for San Francisco on Tuesday.

The 50-year old says he will swim for about eight hours every day. Along the way, he'll be accompanied by a sailboat with nine members on board.

During the time he's not swimming, he plans to spend it resting and recuperating on the sailboat.

"Mind over matter. To do the physical aspect of it, sure it is difficult and all that but what is much more difficult is to be in that very hostile environment, to do that days in and days out, to push you and to push your limits, then the mind has to be super strong," Lecomte said.

He says to maintain physical health and nourishment, he'll need to consume 8,000 calories a day.

But Lecomte is no stranger to long-distance swims.

In 1998, he successfully swam across the Atlantic Ocean.

This latest trek isn't just for fun, however. It comes with a purpose: Scientific research.

Along the way, the team will collect water samples and monitor how long-term exposure to water pollution has an effect on Lecomte.

He hopes to complete the swim by November.

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