Kupuna Achievers: Auntie Laurel Bloom-Baum

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Auntie Laurel Bloom-Baum strives to give from her heart, one melody at a time.
She plays the violin. And even though she is one musician, she says there is so much power that beats through the room when all of the instruments blend together.

"all of the different parts of the orchestra come together... to speak a different kind of language <00:58.37.00> the language of the heart and soul and to share that with an audience is just supreme"

Since 1971, the musicians have been giving back to the community.

"In a variety of settings... we play in churches... retirement communities... we play for the homeless... <00:56.27.00> every time that we do concerts... it is a free concert."

It is a big commitment... to harmonize in the way they do...At  Chaminade University's Orchestra in Residence....which is where we rehearse every Monday night... and we provide an opportunity for young musicians to perform with an orchestra

And auntie Laurel enjoys sharing her passion with others... knowing it pulls on their heart strings...

volunteering is a way to use the gifts God gave me
we can't be a community if we don't all give of our talents

The orchestra's next concert will be in June... when you can appreciate the sounds of giving hearts.

If you know of an auntie or uncle who hopes to enrich the lives of others... in the way ... that Auntie Laurel does...
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