Honolulu store struggles with influx of homeless people

Honolulu store struggles with influx of homeless people
Dozens of homeless campers were cleared off from Kakaako parks after a new jurisdiction approach (Image: Hawaii News Now)

HONOLULU (AP) - ABC Stores employees say they've had to buy a $300 power washer to clean feces away from their Cooke Street corporate headquarters since dozens of homeless people moved back into their neighborhood this month.

The Star-Advertiser reported Wednesday that employees say they've seen an influx of transients ever since the Hawaii Community Development Authority granted Honolulu police and a special city cleanup crew right-of-way to enter the state's Kakaako Waterfront Park and its sister parks to enforce closure hours.

The employees say the homeless people camp out front each night when nearby Mother Waldron Park closes. ABC Stores warehouse manager Mark Flores says he spends 90 minutes each morning waking up people to ask them to clear the front of the building so employees can park their vehicles.

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