Army completes unexploded ordnance search off Makua Beach

Army completes unexploded ordnance search off Makua Beach

MAKUA BEACH, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Army has completed its search for unexploded ordnance in the waters off Makua Beach.

The project was the result of a two-year effort to secure funding from the Department of Defense to begin the search after a local diver found an unexploded ordnance in 2016.

The funds from the DOD allowed contracted divers to search a 22-acre offshore area near where the 2016 ordnance was found. No ordnances were found during this search.

The divers, who were experts in underwater munitions, worked in three-person teams using metal detectors and underwater GPS equipment.

Preparation for the search began at Makua Beach the end of March, and officially began on April 2. Divers had searched the full site by April 30.

During the search, the 22-acre offshore area was marked with buoys and closed to boating, swimming and diving. A portion of Makua Beach was also closed on weekdays to accommodate dive operations, to ensure the safety of beach users.

"Public safety has been our top priority throughout this process," said Col.Stephen Dawson, commander of U.S. Army Garrison Hawaii, in a news release.

The project was originally scheduled to begin last October, but was delayed due to technological and environmental complications.

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