Eruption Questions: What's the current situation of magma at Kilauea right now?

There are a lot of questions about the current eruption in lower Puna, and the experts at USGS are trying to answer them.
Here's a common question: What's the current situation of magma at Kilauea right now?

As we've been telling you - levels from the lava lake have significantly dropped. That lava is now traveling underground ... within the East Rift Zone in Leilani Estates.
Experts say - this pattern is similar to the eruptions in 1955 and 1960, which happened in the same general area of lower Puna. The 1960 eruption destroyed the town of Kapoho and scientists who sampled the lava found out that it took 13 days to travel from the summit of Kilauea to the eruption site.
So - that's why they say an eruption can't be determined over for several weeks or more likely - months. They also look at the volcano like the plumbing of a house - what happens in one part of the system affects all other parts of the system.
Speaking of how the plumbing is tied together; there is some evidence that Kilauea's system has an effect on Mauna Loa. However, scientists say it's generally an opposite trend - meaning, when one is active, the other is not. That being said - experts are still closely monitoring Mauna Loa.

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