Incredible Night Time Lava Flow Video

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - If you take a look at the video above, you can see the absolutely incredible view of the lava flow.  It's a night video that was taken from a Hawaii national guard blackhawk helicopter, and the rivers of molten rock.

Scientists say it's common for lava to create its own channels. The outer lava cools and hardens.... which then insulates the liquid hot rock in the middle.  Scientists also say that the flow field did not expand significantly yesterday because most of the new lava is moving through those channels and into the ocean.

The flows are emanating from extremely active fissures.  In one case, a fountain was measured at about 450 feet high. Experts say this lava is fresher than the stuff that broke through the surface earlier this month.  They think that lava was from back in 1955 and was a little less dynamic. 
You'll recall that flows in 1955 broke out in the same general region as this one, but this video really gives you a good idea of how dramatically the volcano is changing Puna's landscape.

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