Mariota: 'My thoughts and prayers are back home'

Mariota: 'My thoughts and prayers are back home'
Courtesy: CBS

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Titans are in their early days of OTAs, and quarterback Marcus Mariota is already hard at work preparing for the 2018 season. But according the the Tennessee signal caller his mind has been on more than the playbook recently. The displaced families on Big Island and Kauai have been weighing heavy on his heart as well.

"My thoughts and my prayers are back home," said Mariota following the Titans second day of OTAs on Tuesday. "It's pretty crazy, you see some of the videos. and again, all you can do is sit there and pray and send your love and your wishes. And I think for the most part it's, it's hard to put into words."

While it may have been hard for Mariota to find the right words, he did manage to capture the feeling that has struck so many here in Hawaii with back-to-back natural disasters leaving parts of a two separate islands devastated.

"You know, couple of weeks ago Kauai got bombed by some pretty big rain," Mariota added.  "It's kinda, it's just nature running its course. But I think people are having a hard time, you know all you can really do is just send your love and support."

While the north shore of Kauai tries to rebuild, and residents in the Puna area continue to mourn the loss of their homes, or pray that they'll be spared by Pele, Mariota says he'll continue to keep them in mind.

"I'm just really thinking about them and hoping everything is all good."

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