Former Warrior's '#Aloha4Puna' event raises thousands for Kilauea victims

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The outpouring of support for victims of the volcanic activity on Hawaii Island continued Sunday morning on Oahu with more than 100 local kids breaking a sweat to help raise a buck.

The event, called #Aloha4Puna, was the brain child of speed and agility trainer Kenny Patton. In organizing the event, the former Warrior said that he was planning to do anything he could to help the families displaced by volcanic activity.

His fundraiser not only raised thousands of dollar to do exactly that, but it brought the community together in the process.

"It was amazing," said Patton, following the event at Radford High School on Sunday morning. "Just to have my coaches, and the kids that I train, coach these younger guys, it just shows the community support and that's what we're all about in Hawaii we take care of each other."

Patton says the event has already raised at least $4,000 to provide food and other nessecessities to displaced families on the Big Island. But, he says they're expecting even more money to be donated in the coming days from a handful of local sponsors.

Thanks to the coaches at the clinic - most of whom are high school and collegiate athletes that Patton trains and who volunteered their time - 100% of the money made can go directly back to the cause.

"We preach character, and that's what sports are supposed to be about, getting ready for life," Patton said of the more than a dozen athletes who donated their time. "These guys are really high character people. Guys, girls, they're all going to play college sports. Some of them are just finished. Some of them are about to go.

"I'm just really proud of those guys and their futures," he added.

For one of those coaches, today's event hit especially close to home. Former Hawaii football player Damien Packer is from the Puna area and still has family and friends on Big Island.

"It means so much to me," said Packer. "It's hard being so far away from home and seeing all the families that are affected by this. I'm just so thankful for people like coach Kenny that use their platform to give back and give us the opportunity to give back. I'm just so thankful for people like him that are taking action in this time."

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