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Hiking enthusiast, part-time Spider-Man remembered after fatal fall from an Oahu trail

(image: Facebook/Fred Patricio) (image: Facebook/Fred Patricio)
(image: Facebook/Fred Patricio) (image: Facebook/Fred Patricio)
(image: Facebook/Fred Patricio) (image: Facebook/Fred Patricio)
(image: Facebook/Fred Patricio) (image: Facebook/Fred Patricio)
(image: Jaylicia Patricio-Young) (image: Jaylicia Patricio-Young)
KANEOHE, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

A 49-year-old man died Thursday after falling about 30 feet while hiking the Ahuimanu Falls Trail.

Authorities with the Honolulu Medical Examiner's Office say Fred Patricio was found at around 11:15 a.m. after fellow hikers called to report that he had fallen. Paramedics transported him to the hospital in critical condition, where he later died.

The avid hiker was with friends while he attempted to rappel down a waterfall when fire officials say he fell about 30 feet.

Just hours after the tragedy, his only child says she doesn’t want people to focus on how her father died, but remember how he lived.

"He's definitely one to live life on the edge. He enjoyed every moment of his life and he definitely had a caring heart. He always liked to give back to people," said Jaylicia Patricio-Young.

Patricio-Young said her father dedicated his life to helping and saving others.

Patricio was a volunteer for Oahu Search and Rescue, creator of Hike Hawaii's Facebook page and founder of Lost Hikers Guide Hawaii, a website designed for hiker safety.

"People who know him know he's prepared. No matter how prepared you are, nature is unpredictable. But it shouldn't stop people from going out and experiencing your passions,” Jaylicia Patricio-Young said.

Patricio was also a veteran and had recently deployed to Kauai with Team Rubicon to help flood victims.

He even wrote a book about staying positive.

Patricio-Young says many words describe her father: dare-devil, musician, author, veteran, coach...even Spider-Man.

Last September, Patricio slipped on his Spider suit and repelled down the side of Kapiolani Medical Center waving at children in the windows and throwing some shakas too.

Jaylicia Patricio-Young says she hopes her father's life will inspire others.

"He will live on through everything that he has taught every single one of us, every single kids that he's coached, every single person he's worked with, every single person he's hikes with or saved or helped. He's gonna live on with us all and he'll definitely live on through me," she said.

Jaylicia Patricio-Young says she found this searching in her father's phone: “If I die hiking or running a beautiful trail on Hawaii or anywhere else, do not mourn me; celebrate I died doing something I loved…don't be afraid to live because you're too afraid to die."

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