Ex-husband accused of fatally shooting Hawaii mom in North Dakota

Ex-husband accused of fatally shooting Hawaii mom in North Dakota
Suspect: Kevin Michael Hoff
Suspect: Kevin Michael Hoff

JAMESTOWN, NORTH DAKOTA - A Nanakuli family is grieving on this Mother's Day. One of their loved ones -- a young mother of two -- was allegedly shot and killed by her ex-husband in North Dakota Saturday.

The victim has been identified as 25-year old Nicole Gututala-Hoff.

Around 4pm Saturday, family members say the Gututala-Hoff was sitting in her car at her apartment building in Jamestown, waiting for her ex-husband to drop off the kids.

"Kevin was supposed to bring their kids back to her. But instead of bringing her kids back, he got out of his car, shot her, murdered her, and left," said Talima Gututala, the victim's uncle.

Jamestown Police say they received several calls from people who witnessed the shooting in the parking lot.

When officers got to the scene, they say they found Gututala-Hoff dead in her car.

Moments later, police say 27-year old Kevin Michael Hoff called their dispatch center saying he shot his ex-wife and wanted to turn himself in.

"I grabbed one of the phone calls and all I could hear was crying on the other end. It was my sister, Nicole's mom. She was just distraught over hearing the news," said Gututala.

Gututala says his niece -- a Nanakuli High grad and former cheerleader -- met Kevin Hoff on Oahu while he was serving in the Army at Schofield Barracks.

"He seemed like a nice guy. Then when he got out of the Army, he took her to his hometown in North Dakota and we thought everything was OK," said Gututala. "Then we started hearing so many bad things about him. Nicole left him because of domestic violence. She got a divorce, but she couldn't leave (North Dakota) because she couldn't leave her kids."

Police say Hoff remains in custody.

The children, ages 4 and 2, have been placed with his family in the Jamestown area.

Gututala says he plans to fly to North Dakota to bring his niece and her children back home to Hawaii where they belong.

"They are our priority right now. Mother's Day is supposed to be a day we celebrate all the things that our moms do for us and show our appreciation for them. It's a real tragedy that she can't spend this time with her mom and her mom can't spend this time with her," said Gututala.

Jamestown Police say an autopsy will take place and it could be several weeks before results are available.

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